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Max Tiles



Game Description

Max Tiles is a cute matching game for you to play! This online game is the perfect game to help you unwind after a hectic day. It has a collection of cute tiles decorated with fruits, animals, and other interesting icons against a solid bright background. This game is a little bit different than your normal matching game. It’s like a mix of matching 3 with mahjong rules. Instead of matching pairs, you need to match 3 tiles. A tile you select must be open which means it cannot be covered by another tile. If you don’t see any triplets, add your tiles to the holding cell below to help you open up new tiles. You can hold up to 7 tiles in your holding cell. There are 25 levels of matching puzzles for you to solve! Each level has its own set of cute tiles with a different pattern as its challenge. The tab at the top lets you know how many pairs you have to find and how many stars you’ve earned so far. Select the leaderboards icon to see if your score lands you in the top with other puzzle players!


To play this puzzle game, click on 3 open and matching tiles. If you get stuck or make a mistake, click on the menu to select “restart.”

Max Tiles Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 23, 2020

26415 plays


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