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Logic Hex Fit



Game Description

Logic Hex Fit is a free puzzle game. In this free puzzle game, each hex has a different numerical value attached to it and it is your job to slide it adjacent to another hex which will equal zero when subtracted from that hexes value. It is a puzzle game that requires cunning, timing, and a masterful understanding of spatial recognition. Your job is to slide these hexes around and land them in the exact perfect configuration that will allow you to access the next level and the next mind-bending puzzle. This is a game that transcends the boundaries of the genres it is associated with. Is it a puzzle game, a math game, a strategy game, or something else entirely? Only time will tell. Legic Hex Fit is a true game for the most brilliant minds around. Test your might against the game dozens of puzzles and see how far you can make it. Challenge your friends, defeat your enemies and show them all what you can do.


Use your finger to tap on and drag the individual hexes so that they are adjacent with other hexes and are able to transfer their numbers to each other.

Logic Hex Fit Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 1, 2021
DeveloperElio Landa Games

12288 plays


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