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Lines and Blocks



Game Description

Lines and Blocks is a puzzle game where you must connect the lines on the blocks. Unlike other matching games, you aren’t exactly looking for matching colors but rather connecting the lines. Some blocks may have multiple lines and can be connected to multiple blocks. When you match the lines, only the blocks that it connects to will disappear. Each level has its own goal that you must complete before unlocking the next one. Look to the righthand column for the next block, goal, and current score. You have the option to speed up the game by dropping down the block faster or to restart the level if you are doing poorly. Color is irrelevant in this online puzzle game, the most important thing to do is match those lines! Select the High Scores button to drop-down the menu and see if you rank among the top players. 


To play this puzzle game, match up the lines on the blocks. To remove a line, connect a line with at least 3 blocks. Before a block connects with another block, click on it to rotate it or click on a column to send it down a different path. Complete each goal as indicated in the righthand column to advance to the next level.

Lines and Blocks Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 11, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

16012 plays


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