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Isoball 2



Game Description

Isoball 2 is a free puzzle game. Build and roll and build and roll. One ramp after another, one more bridge, one more way home. In Isoball, the onus is upon you as a player to devise practical geometric solutions to spatial and gravitational problems. Activate the menu across the bottom of the screen and choose the appropriate neon colored geometric shapes to be placed strategically on the gridded field of play. When the marble drops it will be your job to guide it to its home. Think of it as a game of gold, you're trying to get a hole in one by guiding the ball via various colored shapes instead of a golf swing. This is a game which requires dedication, discipline and most importantly patience. Do you have what it takes to be a high roller?


Use your mouse to interact with the various in-game menus. Each menu will allow you to choose and deploy a different geometric shape and or ramp.

Isoball 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 19, 2010
DeveloperGimme5 Games

7584846 plays


about 4 years ago

on lvl 7, put the arrow on the big block.

Alicia walton coke

almost 5 years ago

i like it so much

simba winters

over 5 years ago

youll figure it out


over 5 years ago

you can pass through holes


over 5 years ago

yes beat the beat the game finnaly


over 5 years ago

yaaa 1st commentor!!!! i lov3e this game

Fya dawg

over 5 years ago

y is tutorials ball orange and ares is red :(


over 5 years ago

wooow this game is so RAD!! :0


over 5 years ago

will someone help me number 7 please? (:


over 5 years ago

wheres walkthroughh?