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Incremental Memory



Game Description

Incremental Memory is a free mobile memory game. Remember the squares, remember the pattern. This is a game where your pattern recognition and replication will be put to the ultimate test. Do you have the ability to spot a pattern and then repeat it without error in a limited amount of time? You might think you can do it but until you try you'll never really know. Incremental Memory is a game that becomes increasingly more complex, the further you go the more squares the grid will have and the more intricate the patterns they reveal will become. Thus the game stays challenging no matter how long you play it. If you're afraid of the puzzle aspect of this game becoming too much, don't worry. As the game becomes more complex you'll be given the chance to spend points you have earned on upgrades which allow you to view the grid longer, make one mistake, make your selection time longer, and other cool abilities. Choosing which of these abilities you want to apply to the game must be part of your strategy. Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. If you need more time to memorize than focus on juking that ability. If you need more time to make the pattern selections than focus on that. This game will allow you to personalize your experience and optimize your fun.


Pay attention to the grid square in the center of your screen. When the computer flashes a pattern of squares try and remember it. Your job is to replicate the pattern without any hints. You will be given only one chance to make a mistake before your game is over, so be careful. Unlock upgrades to the game by spending points to use special abilities.

Incremental Memory Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 23, 2020

32165 plays


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