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Frog Rush



Game Description

Frog Rush is an exciting action puzzle game that will leave you worn out. The world has been invaded by an alien race of evil, venomous alien toads. These frogs are eating all of our natural resources and need to be dealt with immediately, the entire human civilization is at stake! But, alas! Most military personal and law enforcement professionals are either baffled or terrified by the menace 'what is to be done' they say as they cower in fear. We need you to step up to the plate and  save us from this terrible neon green threat. Only you have the courage, the skill, and the tools to stop these frogs dead in their tracks and explode them once and for all. Will you do it? Not for your own glory but for the survival of our entire civilization? The frogs are sensitive to being squished. If one were to poke them in just the right way they would explode and send spheres out in all directions. These spheres would then start a chain reaction which would wipe out the other frogs. If you could just figure out which frog to stomp and when, we very well might be able to survive this plague!


First, determine which frog you would like to squish. Then click on them in order to explode their body and send venomous pellets flying in all directions!

Frog Rush Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 13, 2019

13289 plays


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