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Flags Maniac



Game Description

Flags Manic is a trivia game that will test your knowledge of flags! Do you know the flags of every country or nation of the world? If you think you are a flag geek or you will simply like to learn, Flags Manic is the online game for you. Some flags may be easily recognizable because you have seen them before, and other flags look similar to others. If you want to know the flag of lesser-heard-of nations, then click to play this trivia game. Challenge yourself by submitting your score and working to rise up the leaderboards. Or beat your own personal scores with every game session. Educational does not have to be a bore with this fun trivia game. Play from your computer or phone whenever you need to brush up on your flag knowledge! 


To play this online game, simply read the name of the country at the top of the screen and select from one of the 4 available flags. Each session requires you to find the flag of 15 nations. At the end of the trivia quiz, your final score will be submitted. Click on the scoreboard to see if you are one of the high scorers of this trivia game.

Flags Maniac Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 15, 2021

21290 plays


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