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Escape the Ladies Room



Game Description

Escape the Ladies Room is a free escape room. Uh oh—you’ve been trapped in the ladies' room, and you have to figure a way out of here before anyone sees you in here in this point and click and adventure game. Well, it seems that you’ve in a bit of a pickle. You’ve wandered into the ladies' room, the door locked behind you, and now you have to figure a way out before anyone catches you in here—because that would be awkward. Unless, of course, you’re supposed to be in here. If that’s the case, then carry on, but keep in mind, this is one weird bathroom, so you may want to get out of here anyway. So you best get clicking if you’re going to solve all the puzzles and figure out a way out.


As a point and click adventure game, you will be clicking—a lot. On everything and anything. You’ll be exploring the environment, gathering clues, items, and anything in between. Then you’ll start using stuff together in an attempt to figure out the solution to all of these puzzles. Take note of any and all hints, even if it’s as simple as the colors on the pieces of trash on one of the signs.

Escape the Ladies Room Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 27, 2010
DeveloperDina Gjertsen

7422985 plays

oh no

over 1 year ago

idk what to do but it's still fun!

Kat La

almost 3 years ago

relly good escape room i liked the challange


over 4 years ago

I cant even press it it was all blank


over 4 years ago

the main menu music the 10/10 did the dev record him doing this because its way to funny


almost 5 years ago

Good game. Needs better instructions (like how to combine things). Bigger clicking areas. Using a laptop to try to "tap" everywhere was insanely frustrating.


over 5 years ago

zombie outbraek poptropica


over 5 years ago

you guys helped me i finshed!!!


over 5 years ago

you cut it with the nail filler


over 5 years ago

yes i escape


over 5 years ago

wtf i dont understand nothing