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Countries Of Asia



Game Description

Countries of Asia is a trivia game. You may think you know the world, you may think you know Asia, but the truth is the world is much bigger than you could ever imagine. Asia is a massive continent, it comprises many countries and each has its own unique, and diverse people, culture, and way of life. In Countries of Asia, we will test your knowledge of this massive landmass and all of the countries within its borders. You'll be scratching your head and stroking your chin as you puzzle over the exact locations of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Plus let us not forget countries like India, who's bordering confound even the most learned of scholars. Whether your goal is to show off your knowledge of the world or maybe to sharpen it a bit, the truth is you'll have tons of questions to answer in this fast and fun trivia game. Challenge yourself, challenge a friend. The choice is yours and so are the consequences. Maybe after you've played this game a few times you'll have broadened your horizons enough that you can outwit anyone? Only time will tell.


You will be asked to click on the map in order to identify a particular location. Please use your mouse to click on the location in question.

Countries Of Asia Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 5, 2019
DeveloperPlay Geography

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about 4 years ago