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Game Description

Colors is a free mobile puzzle game. You think you know words, you think you know colors, but in the mad world of "Colors" the game you might just come to find that you don't know anything. Colors is a reaction-based brain-teaser game. In Colors, the words red, green, or blue will flash in the center of the screen. This word will itself be either red, green, or blue. Your job is to click the corresponding color of the word (not its color) on the bottom of the screen. Go through as many as you can in a minute and try to break your score. 


At the bottom of the screen, there are three colors to choose from. A word will flash on the screen, which is one of those colors and also colored one of those colors. Your job is to select the color that matches what the word says, not the color of the word.

Colors Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 11, 2024

577 plays


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