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Game Description

Colorpop is a free clicker game. In this exciting and addicting puzzle game, you'll be clicking your way to victory through a never-ending parade of colored squares that you must line up and then click in sequences of three at a time. You'll start with a random scramble of squares which need to be sorted into sectors of at least three. Once you do this click on them to make the sector disappear. You can manipulate the size of the square area by clicking on smaller groups of linked squares which will force the existing squares to reposition. As the game goes on you will see the bomb and squeeze actions that pop up in the queue. These are particularly cool actions that will allow you to shape and control the state of the board in dramatic ways to your benefit. If you use the squeeze power, for example, the remaining squares will magnetize together, if you use the bomb power then non-affiliaterd squares will be destroyed, leaving only matching squares which will then all come together and disappear.


Use your mouse or finger to click on the square board and manipulate the fate of the existing squares by clicking them. Your goal is to stop the area from moving towards the top of the screen an eventually clogging up the whole works.

Colorpop Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 5, 2020

43740 plays


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