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Circle Puzzle



Game Description

Circle Puzzle is a free mobile game. In this game, you'll face a series of increasingly tricky circle-based puzzles that demand you spin the nonblack circle. Every level is a new and complex puzzle consisting of overlapping Venn-style circles with different colored sections that must be aligned with the connected processes like colored sections to complete the puzzle. Don't be fooled- this is no simple task. As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become more complex, the circles become more convoluted, and the challenges become more daunting. Now, don't freak out! For you have the power to overcome any circle-based challenge that comes your way. With quick reflexes, tactical moves, and strategic thinking, you can spin the circular pieces into the correct position and emerge victorious. As you complete each puzzle, you'll earn points and unlock new levels that are even harder than the last. You think it would get easier, but just like life, this game gets more complicated and unsatisfying until it's over. Each new level will test your skills even further. Circle Puzzles can be played on your mobile or desktop devices, so you can take the challenge with you wherever you go, or if you go nowhere and sit around, the game is right there with you! It's great. Whether you're killing time on the way from home to work or work to the gym or the gym to the bar or the bar to home, you don't have to sit around twiddling your thumbs. You can spin circles. Spinning colored circles is the ideal way to pass time and optimize your puzzle-solving and circle-spinning skills.


On your desktop or mobile device, please use your mouse to point and click or your finger to tap and spin. Your mission is to spin the circles left or right as fast as you can in order to get the different colored sections to line up .

Circle Puzzle Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 27, 2023

52 plays


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