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Cat Wars



Game Description

Cat wars is a free educational game. Cats are the alpha predators of the night. Furry creatures that are all claws and teeth who will wake you up at all hours of the night, follow you everywhere or become completely aloof and ignore you as they stare listlessly out the window. When you do finally succumb to their petulant meowing, cats love to venture outdoors and get into all kinds of trouble. If you've been ever interested in exactly what kind of trouble then wonder no more, for this game will show you the hijinx your favorite feline friends are up to at this very moment. Join your cat friends as they enter the night and get into territorial battles over delicious sausage. Another thing most people don't know about cats is that they're really good at math. Math games are an integral part of what makes a cat a cat, how do you think they got nine lives? Math. So, join your favorite furry friends and answer a bunch of math questions in order to help them win a tug-of-war over sausage. May the best kitty win.


Select the grade level and skill type you'd like to improve and then press play. In this game, you'll have to answer questions in order to help your cat-friend win the tug of war.

Cat Wars Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 10, 2020
DeveloperMath Games

32874 plays


over 3 years ago

i dont like math