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Animals Connect 3



Game Description

Animals Connect 3 is the third installment of your favorite online matching game! This is a peaceful online game where your objective is to match animal-based tiles. The tiles are decorated with cute bears, ducks, frogs, cows, bunnies, and other adorable animals! This online puzzle game is set against a colorful and beautiful landscape with fun music. There are 10 levels of this matching game for you to solve! Each level has a different pattern and set of matching animal tiles for you to solve. Once you’ve solved one level, you can unlock the next one. You can view your level, score, and time in the righthand panel. Below this you will also see the options for Shuffle and Hint. The shuffle option will allow you to shuffle the tiles and the hint will let you know if there are any matching tiles that you might have missed. You only get 3 of each so use them carefully and wisely throughout the 10 levels. You must complete each game session within the allotted time to receive your best score. Once you have solved all 10 levels, select High Scores to see if you’re one of the top players for this online matching game. 


To play this puzzle game, connect 2 tiles with the same animal icon on them. There can be no more than two 90-degree angles between the tiles.

Animals Connect 3 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 28, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

27930 plays


almost 3 years ago


Pickle Feet

almost 4 years ago

Doesn't save your scores when you submit a high one. And there's a glitch where I've been left with only one creature at the end and no possible way to make a match.