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7x7 Ultimate



Game Description

7x7 Ultimate is a puzzle game. This future of sports is a crazy mash-up of match 7, chess, football, and motocross. Perhaps only you have the tenacity to dive into the ultimate challenge of machine vs mortal, mind vs matter, square vs grid, and color vs shape. Future sports are not for the light of heart. Future sports require more than just the beefy brawn of an overdeveloped physique. True sport warriors are buffed out not only in body but in mind and have the mental capacity to engage with shapes, see patterns where there were none before and match like colors in as few moves as possible. This is a test where only laser accuracy and sharp wits will prevail. So, step right up and get ready to boogie on down. This is the ultimate 7xy challenge, welcome to the grid.


Please use your mouse to select the various squares from the grid and then direct them to the appropriate spaces at the appropriate times.

7x7 Ultimate Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 19, 2019

30385 plays

Pickle Feet

almost 4 years ago

Not entertaining, and I personally have a hard time seeing the difference between the green and yellow colors. Consider changing it for us color blind people.