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Go to Hell



Game Description

Go to Hell is a free escape game. You can dig yourself all the way down to hell if you know what you're doing if not, you'll just die. In Dig Yourself to Hell you take on the role of a pixel-bit person who has only a pick axe and the will to make it 666 meters down! Worm your way through distant Earth as you smash and claw at the rocks and mud beneath your feet. Avoid torches and green underground slugs that will zap your energy. There is also a lot of water that will drown you if you don't move it around properly. Keep an eye on your food, oxygen, and health levels. Each of them will fall as time goes by and you'll be forced to replenish or die trying! Food can be found throughout the tunnels, try to get as much as you can whenever you see it. Oxygen can be found when you're drowning by just swimming to the top of the water and your health only decreases after encounters with enemies and torches. When you die you will become an angel and ascend to heaven or become a demon and descend to hell but you have six lives and can keep your progress in the tunnels.


W/Up Arrow: Jump on land or swim up in water. A,D/or Left and Right Arrows: Move left or right. You may also move off the edge of the screen and appear at the same point on the other side of the screen. S /Down Arrow: Dig! Pushing down will always demolish the ground beneath you.

Go to Hell Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 7, 2010

1164230 plays


over 5 years ago

yay, i love this irritating game :) 0O-


over 5 years ago

wtf who wants 2 bgo 2 hell hate it


over 5 years ago

why is he so whiny

Edward Is HOT

over 5 years ago

why in the hell is hell a night club

ESP Wicked Fox

over 5 years ago

who knew HELL would have so much water


over 5 years ago

who cares about graphcs the game is fun


over 5 years ago

well, it's definetly addicting


over 5 years ago

well thats-thats really sad i don't like it

fatty made a funny

over 5 years ago

very fun, but just annoying about the food!!


over 5 years ago

very addicting and fun!