Pocket Jump



Game Description

Pocket Jump is an online jumping game that requires fast reflexes. This little blue square with its cute little face is on a brave adventure. It’s your job to help it jump over these random spikes and get up as high as it can. The game is set against a bright yellow background that makes it easier to see when the spikes are coming. You must jump over the spikes so you can jump from it once you land on it. However, you cannot bump into it from any side. At the end of each game session, you’ll see your best score and most recent score. Try to beat your score every time as you rise up the leaderboards. Click on the shopping icon to use your blue diamonds to purchase cool character skins for you to play with. There’s no tutorial needed for this instant game. It’s available for both desktop and mobile devices. Just hit play and you’re already playing!


To play this puzzle game, use your mouse or finger to click on the screen to have your little blue square jump. Your objective is to gain as many blue diamonds as you can while jumping over every spike

Pocket Jump Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 28, 2019

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