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Jumping Cube



Game Description

Jumping Cube is an endless jumping game that will both frustrate and entertain you. This is an arcade-style game similar to other jumping games like the classic, “Frogger.” However, instead of roads and cars that can smash and kill, this game takes a much safer approach. This online game using 3D block animation with pastel-colored blocks set against a black background. Bounce your block across the roads of blocks that run opposite of each other. Keep your block from falling in between the blocks and from running off the screen. At the end of each game session, you’ll find your best and most recent score. Play again until you beat your best score! This is an easy online game that doesn’t require any tutorial. Just click on the screen and start playing!


To play this action game, use your mouse or finger to click anywhere on the screen to make your block jump without falling. Your objective is to cross as many blocky roads as possible without falling off or going off the screen. On top of crossing the moving blocks, aim for blocks that have smaller cubes to gain points. Click on the leaderboard icon to scoop out the competition as you burn through all the highest scores.

Jumping Cube Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 16, 2020

43387 plays


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