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Jump Ninja Hero



Game Description

Jump Ninja Hero is an exciting endless running game where your objective is to avoid ninja stars coming your way. Being a ninja can be a difficult life, especially when you have enemies left and right out to get you. Every moment you’re awake, you have to constantly be alert and in fighting mode otherwise, you’ll get targeted by other ninjas. This action game has cute and brightly colored backgrounds to keep the game interesting as you race through the screen. Run across the night sky, through the forest, or through a city as you dodge your enemy's ninja stars.  Jump over or slide below their ninja stars to void getting hit. If you get taken out, play again to beat your best score in this action online game.   


To play Jump Ninja Hero, click on the left and right sides of the screen for different moves. Click on the left side and press down to slide through the screen. Click on the right side to jump and double click to jump higher. Either slide under or jump over ninja stars coming your way. Once you’re out, you’ll get your score and see if it beats your best score. Click on the 123 logo to see how your score ranks up against other ninjas.

Jump Ninja Hero Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 11, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

23973 plays


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