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Impossible Rise



Game Description

Impossible Rise is a free physics game. In order to rise, you must fall. In order to land on your feet, you must make a leap of faith. So is the riddle of existence, the ultimate mystery, the secret, and the fun behind this cute clicker game. In Impossible Rise you are a hapless citizen trying to make their mark on their world and rise to the top. The jumping comes naturally, it is the landing you must master. Make your way from platform to platform by jumping, but be careful! The platforms are springloaded and might fling you into space. You will need to control your descent by tapping when you are above the platform of your choice. Failure to time your landing perfectly will result in ending the game and your demise. Get to know the physics of the universe and you'll bound your way to the top of the leaderboard.


On desktop use your left mouse button to force the jumper to drop on a platform below them. Failure to properly time your descent will result in death. On mobile use your finger to tap on the screen and force the descent of your jumper. Failure to time your descent perfectly will result in death.

Impossible Rise Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 7, 2020

27177 plays

Gyro Zeppeli

almost 4 years ago

I Glitched the game and got the highest possible score