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Gold Mine



Game Description

Gold Mine is an action-puzzle game. You're deep underground, picking your way through miles and miles of mines. The work is dangerous but profitable and now you are reaching the end of your journey. A sliding wall covered in gold, mud, coal, and other underground stuff is finally at hand. But beware, in order to collect the precious gold, you'll have to fling your pick-ax through the dark and strike at the very heart of the mudslide of minerals. If you are not fast enough, if you are not clever enough, and if you don't optimize each hit against the wall, you will inevitably be swallowed up by it as it inches ever closer. You've worked hard to get where you are, you have endured many an obstacle and always overcome it with the swing of your pick and a scowl on your face. Don't lose your edge now as you face down the motherload of gold. Grit your teeth, dig in your heels and prepare to stand against the wrath of ten thousand years of stone, mud, and much as they try to stop you from claiming the gold you have so rightfully earned. This is your time to shine, pull this off and you'll die rich. Fail and you'll just die. It is in you to decide how you go out.


Use the mouse to aim your pick-axe. Click to fire your pick-ax at the most optimal place to strike and claim the gold for yourself. Do not let the wall bury you.

Gold Mine Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 3, 2019

46773 plays


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