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Flip Cube



Game Description

Flip Cube is a fast-thinking online game with a clean and simple animation. The objective is easy: don’t hit a spike. As your cube runs up your screen, spikes will appear on either side of the gray vertical line. Sometimes the game starts fast or you have many spikes to avoid, there’s no telling how difficult each game will start. The clean bright blue background creates a contrast against the orange spikes for you to easily decipher which side the cube should be on. Sometimes you don’t have time for tutorials and this is one of those online games with an easy to understand concept. Just hit play, and start playing trough trial and error. It’s an instant game that’s instant fun.


To play this puzzle game, click on the screen using your mouse or finger whenever you need to swap the cube to the other side. If you hit a spike, you lost that session. Your best and most recent score will show up on the screen right after you lose. You can click on the leaderboards to see how well your best ranks against other game runners. Click on the settings to adjust your sound or look at a quick tutorial.

Flip Cube Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 14, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

26943 plays


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