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Falling Gadgets



Game Description

Falling Gadgets is a stacking game. When the iPhone was first introduced back in 2008 we had no idea just how much it would change the world. For example, you probably don't just own one mobile device. By now you probably own at least half a dozen. They are old, they are out of date, they have cameras with minimal pixels and limited storage. Whatever could one person possibly do with such a growing collection of phones, tablets, and other gadgets? Well, Falling Gadgets has the answer. In Falling Gadgets you will use your reflexes, and your spacial recognition in order to aim and stack a whole slew of extra gadgets. How high do you think you can go? Do you think you can stack them to the sky and beyond? You will be rated by your accuracy and your ability to stack them in a straight line to the sky. This is not an easy game but it is a fun game. It is a game designed to help you relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with the burden of old technology that we're all drowning in.


Pay attention to the newest gadget as it swings back and forth in front of you. Keep its size, weight, and angle in mind. You want to drop it at precisely the right moment in order to have it land in a neat stack on the table below. If you're intuitive and logical enough you'll be able to stack dozens of these gadgets high into the sky.

Falling Gadgets Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 25, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

24489 plays


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