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Emoji Jump



Game Description

Emoji Jump is a clicker game based on your favorite emojis! Emojis are a fun way to express yourself without words and now they’re the perfect character for this jumping game. Climb through the logs with your emoji and get as high as you possibly can without falling. Not all of the logs will be the same: Some will be static but others may be old and fall apart after one jump. Others will a star or stars that will help out with your score. However, not all emojis are good! Avoid devil, angry, and other annoying emojis that are only out to make you lose the game. They will push you off and you’ll have to start all over. Conversely, you will also find boosts that will help you jump high and fast getting you through several logs. Each time you play, you get a different emoji. From the bored face to the laughing emoji, all your favorite emojis are here to play! Click on the leaderboard icons to see how your best score ranks against other emoji players. 



To play this clicker game, use your finger or most to click on the screen in the direction you want your emoji to jump. Desktop users can use their arrow keys instead of their mouse.

Emoji Jump Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 30, 2020

35110 plays

lily is mentally insane

almost 3 years ago

It makes noise and doesn't have a button to turn off sound.I would be happy if it did because i am listening to yt and it doesn't fit together.


almost 3 years ago

weirdly boring


over 3 years ago



almost 4 years ago

i think It's truly amazing!