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Crazy Chiks



Game Description

Crazy Chicks is a farm-based puzzle game. In Fast Chicks, you play the role of a farmer who has been tasked with collecting eggs from a series of rogue chickens. The chickens have taken roost in the rafters of your barn and are dropping their eggs on the floor. You can't let any eggs go to waste so you must run back and forth between all of the chickens and catch the individual eggs as they fall. Use your basket to make sure you safely gather them and then turn them in for a tidy profit. You'll wanna make sure you get the eggs in collections of 12, they'll be worth more if you are able to sell them as a dozen. It sounds easy but it's not. This game requires you to judge distance and speed with a keen eye for accuracy. You'll have to use your mouse to click your farmer left and then click your farmer right. Time your turns and your runs to be perfectly in unison with the eggs as they fall. Try to position yourself directly under an egg just as it falls into your basket in order to maximize your points.


Use your mouse to click and send the farmer to the left or to the right of the chickens. He will be in constant motion with only your mouse to determine whether he goes left or he goes right. Try to time your movements just right. You have to position yourself below the chickens in order to collect the eggs that they drop. This is a game of skill for experienced players only.

Crazy Chiks Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 1, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

17951 plays


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