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Circle Race



Game Description

Circle Race is a simple action game where you’re racing against other dots and keeping them from colliding. This is a unique online game starts off pretty easy but gets more challenging as you pass each level. The game consists of literally 2 white circles overlapping each other against a solid teal background. Every time your circle makes a complete turn and passes the flag, you gain one point. As you pass a few laps, black dots are added to the second circle creating more of a challenge as you must begin avoiding colliding with these dots. The black dots can interact with each other but never with the white dot. The additional dots will arrive at different spots and sometimes come at different paces. In the beginning, you must be idle and pay attention to the path of the incoming dots. You can only speed up and must use your clicks wisely to avoid running into other dots. If you hit another dot, you will see your best and most recent score. Play again to beat your best score and the rise up the leaderboards. 


To play this action game, click on the screen whenever you need to speed up your white dot. Do not run into the other dots.

Circle Race Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 30, 2020

23939 plays


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