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Game Description

Choose Gravity is an easy action game that you can play for hours. This is an online game with simple and clean mechanics and animation. A white ball bounces across the purple-colored screen as rogue triangles try to deter it from its path. In this scenario, you have almighty control of gravity which you must use to your advantage. Help guide the white ball through the chaos of dangerous red triangles while trying to retrieve as many rubies as possible. Use your rubies to unlock sweet character skins for your player. Every time your ball makes it to the other side of the screen, you gain one point. Gain as many points as you can as you shoot up the leaderboards and beat all the other players on AddictingGames. Remember, in this online game, you control the rules of gravity!


To play this action game, click on the screen whenever you want to switch the gravity to a different side. Avoid the red squares but aim for the rubies. If you hit a triangle, you lose the game and your session ends. At the end of each session, you’ll have the option to look at the leaderboards, replay, or head to the market for character skins.

Choose Gravity Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 17, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

16440 plays


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