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Hidden Objects: Super Thief



Game Description

Hidden Objects: Super Thief is a hidden objects game with adventure. It’s your lucky day! You get to be trained by the best thief in town. Except not everyone knows she’s the best of the best. Help her gain a reputation by stealing from various locations to earn more clients. Each client will provide you with a list of items that need to be stolen. It’s your job to keep track of the lists and click on all the hidden objects. Find the items as quickly as you can for bonus points. The better the score, the more likely the chance to gain 4 stars per location. As an unpaid intern, you have to work harder than anyone! 


To play this hidden object game, click the prompts on the screen to read through the story. Gain reputation by finding hidden objects in various locations. The list of items will appear near the bottom screen. Find the items as quickly as you can by clicking on them with your finger or mouse. If you don’t gain enough stars in a location, you can always play it again but the list will be different and the items will be in different places. You have a limited number of hints, click on the magnifying glass in the right-hand corner when you need to use one.

Hidden Objects: Super Thief Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 22, 2021

34812 plays


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