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Hot Dog Bush



Game Description

Hot Dog Bush is a free resource management game. After his precedency, George “Dubya” Bush moved on to his next great pursuit in life—selling hot dogs to hungry New Yorkers. Of course, having been president and all, that meant that business would not be slow, especially considering that old George Dubya has the tastiest dogs in all the east. In Hot Dog Bush, a fast-paced simulation/management game, you spend the days as our former president bringing hot dogs to the hungry mouths that so crave them. Drop the bun, grill the dog, slap some ketch-up on it, or other condiments, and then hand it out to a hungry patron of the dogs.


Your goal is to get the food to the customer as quickly as possible, and then collect the cash. The longer you take, the less they pay—capitalism at its best. Ultimately though, this is a mouse-driven click fest. Things will start out easy enough, but as you progress, the customers will ask for more and more complicated orders, and if you mess it up—or take too long—they sure won’t be happy.

Hot Dog Bush Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateDec 3, 2007

9987948 plays


almost 3 years ago

i like this game


almost 3 years ago

i dont no this game but i like this picrus


over 5 years ago

worst games ever


over 5 years ago

why do all the homeless people give you $10


over 5 years ago

whats the word im looking 4.... AWESOME


over 5 years ago

what noobs play THIS!!!???


over 5 years ago

what an ugly game!!!


over 5 years ago

use to be cool but now its to hard :(


over 5 years ago

tween my butt hole


over 5 years ago

to hard and i dont likw it at all