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Top Celebrity Games
What are Celebrity games?
Celebrity Games is our section for games about the most famous and infamous people on Earth!
Celebrity Games are a peak into the lives of the rich and famous. Most people would give anything to be a celebrity, or at least know one. Our selection of celebrity games allow you to live out your fantasy, walk the red carpet, style the stars, and attend all of the Hollywood Premieres you can stomach! Have you ever wanted to kiss Justin Bieber? Weird but don't worry: We got you covered with the game Bieber Kisser! What about Tiger Woods? Have you ever fantasized about being a super rich, famous, golfing pro like him? What would it be like? Well, in our game Tiger Parking Slam you can experience the gritty reality of parking his cars! It isn't quite as exciting as playing golf, but its probably just as fun in the end! Perhaps you want to take on your favorite celebrity in a brawl style game, well you can do that with Epic Celeb Brawl! A light-hearted game about punching out the latest victim of the paparazzi! Whoever your favorite celebrity is we probably have a game that lets you live out your wildest fantasies with them.