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Ricochet Kills 3



Game Description

Bounce your bullet around each level to eliminate all the targets before you run out of shots in this 2D puzzle game. In Ricochet Kills 3, the continuation of Ricochet Kills 1 & 2, you only have so many shots, and there are a select out of targets to eliminate. However, you’ll need to use your noggin to figure out how to hit some of the targets because they are otherwise secured. It’s fortunate, then, that your bullets can bounce. Use this to your advantage in order to reach spots that can’t be reached directly. With 50 levels, and 20 more bonus levels that you can unlock if you score well enough on the first 50, you’re in for a ricocheting good time.


As tricky as completing each level can be, the controls are simple. You aim, and you fire—both with the mouse. From there, it all comes down to making each shot count. The obvious tool in your arsenal is to simply bounce the bullet to eliminate more than one target, but you can also use hazards on the map, like exploding barrels, or crates that can fall on targets. The faster you’re able to eliminate all the targets, the higher your score will be, and the more quickly you’ll unlock the bonus levels.

Ricochet Kills 3 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJul 13, 2012

9087063 plays

john w51377

about 4 years ago

my final score was 4170..very addicting game...good work!!


over 4 years ago

Great til level 26 /27 when the platforms won't drop if the chain is shot....

i like nuggets

over 5 years ago

you want a nugget well gues what you cant have one


over 5 years ago

you can move or... :P dk


over 5 years ago

yes but sometimes no because it always make in be


over 5 years ago

yah thats whats up


over 5 years ago

wubba lubba dub dub


over 5 years ago

wow this game is awsome but though its hard

The Operator

over 5 years ago

why waste time talking about sports?


over 5 years ago

very VERY fun series of games