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Mr Toni Miami



Game Description

Mr. Toni Miami is a physics-based platform shooter. This is a puzzle game, this is a physics game, this is a platform game. Mr. Toni Miami is a synthesis of some of your favorite types of games. You need to master your aim when you fire off a shot, you need to know the physics engine of the game in order to predict where the bullet is going to go and you need to put together all those elements like a puzzle in your brain long before you pull your first trigger. Add the fact that this is a platform game and it all comes together in a cool vapor-wave styled art design which is as addictive as it is elegant to play. This is a fun game for fun people who like to have fun while playing free games on Addicting Games. Mr Toni Miami might very well be one of the best physics platform-style games that have ever been created. So, take a look around, take aim, take a shot and take first prize in this melange of some of your favorite kinds of free online games.


Use your mouse to aim the reticule and take a shot. Your goal is to bounce and deflect the bullets around the game area and kill all of the rats lounging around.

Mr Toni Miami Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 20, 2020
DeveloperCastello Games

38241 plays


about 3 years ago

but the blood is weird


about 3 years ago


Gucci pink

almost 4 years ago

the game is great i don't really like shooting games but i came across this one when looking for shards i clicked it because, there's youtubers who play it and i wanted to check it out!!..