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Jelly Bomb



Game Description

Jelly Bomb is a puzzle game. In Jelly Bomb you are an overzealous chef who is trying to squeeze as much jelly from the innards of his bears as possible. By squeezing your bears they will fire off their juicy jelly in four different directions. If you manage to line up those four directions with your cookies, you'll be able to properly cover them in jelly. Sometimes the bears aren't lined up with the crackers so you'll have to make judicious use of the available arrows and bears. Line up the perfect shot and time it just right in order to get maximum coverage of the board. This is a simple puzzle game which becomes increasingly more and more complex as the levels go on. You'll have to interrogate the playing field, evaluate your available options and then enact your strategy with but the click of your mouse. Do you have what it takes to Jelly Bomb your way to victory? Find out with Jelly Bomb the game.


Decide which Bear or arrow you need to activate in order to kick off the chain of events which will get you maximum coverage of the board. Use your mouse to click on the selected bear or arrow.

Jelly Bomb Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 5, 2019

16758 plays


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