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Hobbs Cannon



Game Description

Canon is an action-puzzle adventure game. The world is cruel, the world is ugly, the world is 16 bit and just waiting to destroy you. In Canon, you'll be playing as a lonely canon who is lost in a 4-Dimensional maze. Your only hope of making it to the flag at the end of each level is the ability to launch your canon ball in such a way that it bounces back and propels you towards your goal. Sound easy? Well, it's not. Once you take into account the varied distances, heights, bombs, destructible and indestructible obstacles as well ass the twisting geography of each level. You'll see just how hard it is to launch yourself into a new life. 

You'll have to be a master of physics if you hope to blast your way out of this puzzle because no amount of luck will help you. Aim the reticule at the walls square and true, figure out how to bounce a canon ball between a maze of landmines, bank, deflect, and blast your way to victory in this adorably cute but unnervingly complex puzzle game. 


Use your mouse to aim the canons reticule. Use the left mouse button to fire. Use the cannon ball as a way to propel you through the various missions.

Hobbs Cannon Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 9, 2020
DeveloperMatt Hobbs

37747 plays


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