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Go To Dot



Game Description

Go to Dot is an action-puzzle game. Launch your particle towards the center but beware the surrounding ripples. The center is guarded by three rings of rotating ant-cells which are designed to destroy you. You will have to launch your dot onto each ring while adapting to its particular spin and avoiding the anti-cells. As soon as you launch yourself you will find yourself on the next ring. Be careful not to launch yourself directly into an anti-cell and don't land too close to one. Remember that you'll sometimes spin clockwise and sometimes spin counterclockwise, this will change the choices you make to launch your dot. You will need to pay attention, think fast and react even faster if you want to get your dot to the nucleus of the cell. The anti-cell dots are out in full force and they will absolutely not take and prisoners. The longer you last the faster and harder the game will get. Rings will switch directions, the anti-cells will move faster, and your reflexes and observational skills will have to work even harder. This game is all about persistence. How long can you last? How far will you go? Can you get the cell to the nucleus? Only time will tell.


Use your mouse to launch your dot from the outer circle, through the varying rings and then finally into the nucleus. As you do this, the rings will change speed, direction, size, and add even more anti-cell dots. Your job is to continue to avoid them while you make your way closer and closer to the center. Last as long as you can in order to get the highest score.

Go To Dot Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 5, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

22412 plays


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