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First Person Royale



Game Description

Battle Royale Survival is a first person arena game. You're stranded all alone in an arena filled with vicious killers who are armed to the teeth. All you have are your wits, your reflex, a baseball bat, and like three different kinds of guns. Do you think you have what it takes to survive? Will you defeat your opponents in combat or is it game over man? Well, if you're strong enough, smart enough, and fast enough, then power up soldier because its go time. Whether you're hiding behind your riot shield, snipping from across the board, or going full auto in a spray and pray stylee assault on your enemies, this is the game for you.

Cycle through different weapons and choose the best tool for the task then take out your enemies. Dominate with extreme prejudice in this extremely balanced and fun arena game where many players enter but only one player leaves. The world is truly a vampire in this exciting new game. Do you have what it takes to fight back and win? Jump in and prove it! Lock, load, and let's go!


Use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to move your character. Mouse to aim. Left mouse button to fire. The scroll wheel will let you select a weapon.

First Person Royale Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 15, 2021

181613 plays


about 2 years ago

its horible so glithy and the wepons are terible


about 2 years ago

I like this game but how do you level up? I've beaten the first level three times and I'm level 1.

Lil Hammy

about 2 years ago

not good cause weapons, horrible.


over 2 years ago

i Love it so much bro

qurikyfoxbro OFFICIAL YT

over 2 years ago

first its sooo glichy and i hate it


almost 3 years ago

It could be a fun game but it is not .The distances are too long that makes it boring, ammunition is quite poor , the bots accuracy is too good and they are harder to kill than you (or at least the same).Most weapons are useless , their range is short and the bots will kill you if you come close . Thus you can only use the sniper (no scope you are just able to shoot from somewhat further) and the gun with the shield. And after following this long and circular road of repetition guess what, there is no level up (I completed it twice and maintained 100% health the second time, to no avail ) levels and avatars are just for show.Ok maybe this is a demo version or something but if it is waste of time playing it (it is ), it is also expanding it at this state, so I dont recommend the developer doing so .To be fair if it was a learning unity from scratch exercise I hope it was for the benefit of the creator and maybe someday he will acquire the appropriate skills to make a decent game . Overall a poor game that I hope it will motivate someone else to make something better (if only to demonstrate that some of the game's problems were not that hard to fix) .Until then do not waste your time playing it , life is short.


about 3 years ago

I like this game


about 3 years ago

Sn!!!!per only 12 bullet, and AI is better than you, sn!!!!Per is only stuff can effectively attack AI


about 3 years ago



about 3 years ago

i hate this game is just too SUPID