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Clear Vision Elite



Game Description

Clear Vision Elite is a free stick-sniper game. Clear Vision is back! This time with a kitchen, a computer, an office, and all sorts of things that aren't sniping --which is the point of the game. But, don't be confused, this is a sniper game. You'll have to click through lists, and go through different rooms and get all wrapped up in a plot line but at the end of all that after you bought your ammo and checked a name off a list and cleaned your kitchen or whatever: You will finally get to do some sniping! And it is worth it. The physics, the puzzles, the stick men, the aiming. It all comes together with your choice of guns and ammo to create a truly immersive sniper experience. Is it revenge, are you trying to save the world? Are you doing it just for the money? Only those who read through the multiple screens at the beginning of the game will know for sure. This is an exciting sniper adventure where you take on the underground gangs of the world and dish out justice from behind the business end of a smoking gun. Ready, aim, fun!


Use your mouse to interact with all in-game menus. Use your mouse to aim the reticule and fire. Use the R button to reload. Use the Space Bar to zoom in when needed.

Clear Vision Elite Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateJul 4, 2008
DeveloperDan Erhard Olsson

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over 1 year ago

when you buy a new gun why can't you get out of the shop area


almost 4 years ago

Easily the worst game in the series. The controls are hyper sensitive which makes it very difficult to get an accurate shot, especially when dealing with targets that are further away.


about 4 years ago

your right muffin


about 4 years ago

you need a steyr aug to kill mike fernando kaktusk


about 4 years ago

yeah fefe your a bioch


about 4 years ago

wow just wow -10/10 would not recomend


about 4 years ago

worst frickin game ever


about 4 years ago

why jake is keep moving a sniper! >:(


about 4 years ago

where i can find anders in the ship ?


about 4 years ago

whats the title of the music?