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Castle Defense



Game Description

Castle Defense is a magical tower defense game. In castle defense, you choose between a wide variety of mystical sorcerers who are tasked with defending their kingdom from the invading hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Bats, Dragons and more! Initially, you're just reacting to wave after wave of monster. pivoting and aiming to fire at them before they can reach the castle walls and do some real damage. As time goes on though you can use your experience and gold earned during these initial raids in order to upgrade. You have an inventory full of new and exciting weapons which you can buy, you will also have access to a bunch of different turrets and assistants. Equip them with the appropriate weapons and station them on. the barracks so they can aid you in the defense of the castle. As the game goes on the villains will only become more powerful, more insidious, and swarm in greater numbers. You'll need to balance upgrades and resources in order to be able to put together a team which can truly hold off the beasts! Do you have what it takes? Will you save the kingdom or watch it burn? The choice is yours in Castle Defense.


Use your mouse to pivot and aim your magician at the invading monsters. Use your left mouse button ion order to fire your selected weapon at them.

Castle Defense Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 25, 2019

52887 plays


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