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Bubble Fruit



Game Description

Bubble Fruit is a cute shooter game with a fruity theme! Shooter games are always fun but sometimes you don’t want the action, blood, or gore. That’s where cute shooters like this one come in. Here your cannon is full of fruits like lemons, apples, berries, and many more colorful foods! This online game is set against farms, forests, and other fruity backgrounds. On the righthand column, you’ll see your score and level. Below this, the pause button can take you to your sound settings or back to the menu. There are 10 levels for you to get through! Submit your score, and then click on the high scores option in the menu to see how you stack against other cute shooter players!


To play this cute shooter game, aim at the fruits above and then click on the fruits you want to hit. Your objective is to match the fruit in your cannon to the ones you’re shooting at. If they match, then they will disappear and you will gain points. Need a specific fruit? Click on the cannon to get another option. Try to get rid of all the fruits using this method to beat all 10 levels. Click on the pause button to go back to the menu or adjust your sound settings.

Bubble Fruit Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 5, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

31834 plays


almost 4 years ago