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This game does not support mobile devices.

Wordl Unlimited



Game Description

Wordle Unlimited is a free word game. Words are the basis of reality, and reality is where many of us spend most of our time but time can take a while. We thought we'd help you out while you're whiling away that time and toss you a free unlimited word game! World Unlimited is a free word game that begs of your attention and takes only your time in return. World Unlimited is a game for people who like the challenge of figuring out words with no hints but don't like the barrier to fun that other games impose upon play. If you don't want your vocabulary to curdle and need a fresh hurdle to keep your brain fertile then why not try Wordl Unlimited? We think that this type of word puzzle is exactly the kind of game that people need right now and that is why we're making it free to play on desktop with unlimited chances to play in a day. We here at Addicting Games love words and we're happy to share this game which is both addicting and word-based with our many fans who appreciate word games and want the freedom to play it an unlimited amount of times in a day for free forever.


On your desktop computer use your keyboard to input letters. You are trying to guess a five-letter word. Enter the letters and see which are correct. Letters rated grey are incorrect. Letters marked yellow are correct but in the wrong space. Letters marked green are correct and in the correct space. Good luck trying to puzzle your way through your six guesses!

Wordl Unlimited Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 3, 2022
DeveloperAddicting Games

43769 plays


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