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Tricky Cat



Game Description

Tricky Cat is a free desktop platformer game. Cats, puzzles, platforms, and more will be tested in this cute game of order, physics, and cute kitties. This is a platform puzzle game where you need to step on the star covered blocks in a specific order so that they can disappear and eventually activate your portal to the next level. Turn a greyed out block into a shining star and then step off of it so that it disappears and you can clear the level. This is a platformer game but it is also a puzzle game because there is really only one way you can properly run and jump around the level and its almost never as easy as it looks, but it is fun. This tricky cat needs your help to stomp on the star-faced blocks and open up the portal at the end of the level. If you think you're clever enough to help this kitty make it home then hit play and start jumping now. Good luck cool cats and kittens, try not to use up all nine of those lives.


Use the W,A,S,D or the Arrow Pad to navigate your cat to the left, to the right, or jump by pressing Up. You want to activate all of the greyed-out blocks, move off of them, make them disappear, and then open up a portal into the next level.

Tricky Cat Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 17, 2020

13265 plays


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