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Treasure Chests



Game Description

Treasure Chests is a pirate-themed memory game. In Treasure Chests, you'll be putting your memory and pattern recognition to the test. This is a timed game in which the accuracy of your responses will be just as important as the tempo at which you are able to provide them. Use your mouse to click on the variety of treasure chests one at a time. Be sure to remember which item is where. There are a variety of items that you will be expected to remember in this game. There are crowns, there are keys, there is dynamite, there are pirate hats and a whole bunch of other cool pirate-themed items. The order in which you reveal the various items does not matter as long as you eventually reveal two matching items together at the same time. The farther you go in the game the more treasure chests and the more items there will be, this will complicate things greatly as your memory has to figure keep track of several objects and items at once. This is an intense game which will challenge your very sense of reality.


Please use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. You will also use your mouse to click on the treasure chests. After you click the treasure chests be sure to remembeer which item was in them because you'll have to match them up as fast as you can.

Treasure Chests Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

11587 plays


over 4 years ago

Super easy and I beat all 60 levels!