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The Pipe Puzzle



Game Description

Pipe Puzzle is a free mobile-puzzle game. This is your life and it is being connected one pipe at a time. In this world, we find ourselves clicking tubes that go this way or that. The order of the pipe has long governed our lives, suggesting which direction we go through the efficient scrawl of horizontal or vertical pipes. We have created a game that lets you tell the pipes which way to go. No longer will you be bullied by the stubborn stabs of unilateral directions. Now you will be giving the orders; now you will be telling the pipes which way they are supposed to flow. This is a strategy puzzle game where you must align some pipes.  You can click the pipes to switch them around.


On your desktop computer, please use your mouse to click on the pipes to spin them around. Your goal is to have the pipes align with the other pipes in order to create a solid and connected ring and or line of pipes.

The Pipe Puzzle Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 8, 2022

168 plays


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