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Super Stacker 2



Game Description

Super Stacker 2 is a free stacking game. Super Stacker 2 is the sequel to the classic puzzle game, Super Stacker. The objective of the game is simple: stack the shapes you’ve been given without them falling over for 10 seconds. Some of them may be a no-brainer but with others, you’ll have to channel your inner architect skills. The shapes come in all forms like triangles, squares, and even circles. This is a casual online game but it can require a lot of thought. Can you keep your quivering mass of jelly blocks standing for 10 seconds? Oh, really? Super Stacker 2 thinks you can’t so prove it wrong! Join in playing this casual game with 40 levels of varying difficulty. 


To play Super Stacker 2, use your mouse to move and place the piece on the screen. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the order in which to place the pieces--the game chooses this for you. Check out the title of each level for a clue into what you should be building. Don’t feel obligated to stick to their tip if you want to get creative. Pay attention to your shape’s dimension when creating your masterpiece. Your goal in this puzzle game is to make sure the stack you created doesn’t tip over before time is up.

Super Stacker 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 25, 2009
DeveloperThe Game Homepage

14915002 plays

waffle lover99

over 5 years ago

y dont the long grey blocks have faces????????????


over 5 years ago

woww i love this game


over 5 years ago

wow it is soo fun


over 5 years ago

word kassandra101 i hate tht lvl too!


over 5 years ago

win or die

warrior gamer

over 5 years ago

why cant my avatar appear :( fun game though


over 5 years ago

wht lvl r u guys on????


over 5 years ago

who wouldnt like this game??

Xx Gojira xX

over 5 years ago

where the hell did these blocks come from?


over 5 years ago

whats with the something missing level???