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States of Mexico



Game Description

States of Mexico is a free geography game. Welcome to Mexico, a beautiful country is known for its vibrant culture and cool flag. Mexico, like other countries, has broken its total territory up into small states. Do you think you could name those states if you were randomly asked to point them out on a map? Well, you better hope so because that is what this game is all about. In this fun and exciting quiz-style game, you will have the opportunity to go south of the border and visit Mexico one state at a time as you sharpen your knowledge and learn all about the big beautiful world all around you. Mexico is a fun country full of great people and if you can't name a state then this is the game for you, or, if you think you are the expert on Mexico then step on up and show us what you got. 


On your desktop computer, you will use your mouse to point and click on the state which you believe is the correct answer. On your mobile device, your will use your finger to point and click on the correct answer.

States of Mexico Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 21, 2021
DeveloperPlay Geography

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