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Space Controller



Game Description

Space Controller is a free avoider game. The dark desperate void of space is a merciless and cold expanse of doom. Asteroids fly in chaotic patterns, alien ships do straffing missions and you are always at risk of smashing your space-ship into that of your friends who are cruising by on their way to the moon. That is why the job of Space Traffic commander has become one of paramount importance. Your job is to take control of friendly ships that have enbtered your void-space and gide them safely to a dockingbay nearest them,/ In this physics game you will master the art of avoiding obstacles, and building routes in real time while you grapple with the internal physics of the game. This is a puzzle game which will test your mettle against the vaccum of space and the very limits of space and time. Do you have the ability to see multiple steps ahead and co-ordinate different ships in landing on space docks? This gamae is your chance to prove it as you take command of ships on auto-pilot, avoid asteroids, avoid aliens, avoid eachother and guide them safely to the docking bay that is now their home.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your mouse to point and click or your finger to point and tap. Select a ship and then draw a path for it that will avoid obstacles and help it land safely at the space dock.

Space Controller Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 8, 2021
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

10078 plays


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