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Solitaire 2048



Game Description

Solitaire 2048 is a free solitaire game. We are all alone. No matter how many friends you have, how large your family is, and how many Linkedin connections you have, existence is a solitary pursuit. And there is nothing wrong with being alone, in fact, it can be so rewarding that there is an entire genre of games dedicated to the world of being alone and flying solo. That is right, solitaire is a genre of games that are meant to celebrate the full breadth of the human experience, even the parts of it that we do alone. In Solitaire 2048 you will thrill to the adventures of math and its never-ending mission to add numbers together in order to create larger numbers, in order, in fact, to create the number 2048. Sound easy? You're probably thinking 'why sure, why not just add 1024 to 1024, and by golly, you'll have 2048.' Yes, that would be easy but our experts have assured us that it wouldn't be fun. And these guys are smart, that is what we pay them for! They all went to school for this stuff and in many ways, we are indebted to them for their hard work, sacrifice, and progressive vision. Solitaire 2048 is a game where you add cards of a single suit to create a larger number and eventually create a number like say 2048. But here is the thing, you'll be given a bunch of different columns you can add the cards to. It's not just one and that is basically the game.


On your mobile device or desktop computer please use your finger to point and tap or your mouse to point and click. You will do this in order to move some cards around.

Solitaire 2048 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 10, 2022

24697 plays


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