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Red Remover



Game Description

Red Remover is a free puzzle game where your objective is to remove the red blocks. Enjoy this fun brain teaser game with its cute and simple animation. The red blocks are miserable and they just want to go away. Your job is to do this while leaving the green and happy blocks on the screen. Lose a green block, and you lose that level! This is a creative puzzle game where you have to think of various ways to keep the green blocks safe. Some of them may be in danger are about to roll off the screen but you can use other blocks to safeguard them. There are 40 levels to solve in this funny puzzle game along with more locked levels.


To play Red Remover, use your mouse to click on and remove red blocks. Pay attention to the green blocks if any and make sure you are not removing them from the screen. Sometimes you have to get creative in how you need to get a green block to safety. Red blocks are strong and cannot be clicked away so you’ll have to think of different ways to get rid of them. Blue blocks are neutral so it doesn’t matter if they stay on the screen or not. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, you can always retry a level.

Red Remover Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 28, 2009
DeveloperThe Game Homepage

18734022 plays


over 4 years ago

its great but level 39 sucks so much if your not perfect you cant pass


almost 5 years ago

level 27 is insanely hard


about 5 years ago

Level 22 sucks.


about 5 years ago

Love It!!!


over 5 years ago

Loved it, Finished within an hour but as quick as this was it was pretty hard towards the end a lot of trial an error, Handy walk through link if you ever get to frustrated aswell.


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

yayyyyyyyyyyy i passed level 10 but stuck on 22


over 5 years ago

ya dig


over 5 years ago

why wont it loadddd


over 5 years ago

why do you guys like it so much