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Game Description

Reach 2048 is an online puzzle game combined with math skills. Play a game of 2048 in between practicing your math skills. The objective of 2048 is to slide the numbers to combine them ultimately adding the numbers to 2048. Try to get as high as a number as you can before running out of space. Once you finish a game, you will be prompted to solve math questions. There are various math skills you can practice from preschool to the eighth grade. The skills cover a variety of subjects like decimals, fractions, properties, multiplication, and statistics. Reach 2048 is a great way to break up your studying without getting overwhelmed. The short study sessions let you practice your math skills in a more productive way while giving you the chance to play a fun puzzle game that also involves math. 


To play this online game, select your grade and the math skill you would like to practice. You can always change your math skill as you play along. Solve 5 math questions correctly in order to unlock another game session. To play the puzzle portion of this game, use your finger or mouse to slide the tiles up or down, left or right, to add the tiles with the same numbers.

Reach 2048 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 19, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

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