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Provinces and territories of Canada



Game Description

Provinces and Territories of Canada is an educational game that will help you brush up on your Canadian geography. Do you know where Quebec or Alberta is? Can you point out Manitoba or Nova Scotia on a map? Can you name all 12 provinces and territories of Canada? If not, do not fret. This map game will help you learn all of the provinces in no time. Just hit start and get to learning! There are only 12 areas that you need to memorize for this online game. This is great for studying for a geography test or simply because you want to look smart at parties. Whether you live in Canada or you just like geography, this map game is both fun and educational.  


To play this map game, click start and then click directly on the map once you are prompted to locate a province or territory. If you get the answer wrong enough times, the game will highlight the correct answer. You also get notified of the correct answer for the wrongly chosen area to teach you along the way. The scoring starts at 100 and you lose points for every wrong answer. Get the answer right and you lose no points.

Provinces and territories of Canada Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 5, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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